Inspiration Log: Entry 1


The New York Times: Best Use of Photography

The New York Times did a great job with their “Voyages” series. Obviously they had amazing photography for their segment, but all of the photos were formatted extremely well on the website itself. I really enjoyed how the top image had a moving function with birds and water in the background. A “Return to Top” button along the side of the webpage made it easier to see this function as well. Additionally, the stories told throughout the article were very well done.

I was especially attracted to the large photos at the top of each segment. I felt as if these pictures sort of set the tone for the remainder of the story. However, each and every photograph throughout the entire piece was just as eye-catching as the last. Lastly, you could tell the color contrast used throughout the piece was carefully chosen. There was not one time I couldn’t read or comprehend the story even with the large variety of different color and pictures.




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