Inspiration Log: Entry 8

Successful Strategy for Integrating Web and Print Design

Chris Thurman’s article on the integration of web and print design was fairly informative. It did, however contain a few minor grammatical errors but nothing too major. His piece starts off with an introduction regarding the exigency of designers in today’s world to be able to successfully integrate web and print design. He then delves into the challenges of integration as well as successful ways and tips of integrating the two different media.

One challenge in particular that he points out is the fact that print designers almost always know what the final product will look like upon completion. Unfortunately, this is not the same case in web design. On the contrast, web designers have access to some tools that print designers do not such as precise detailing and movable design. His main successful hint is to keep the challenges of the two medias in mind when designing. This is because you want your web and print designs to be easily recognizable by your audience. You want them to be able to make the connection that the two are related without having to think too hard about it.


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