Inspiration Log: Entry 3

What Every Designer Should Know About Copyright

What Every Designer Should Know About Copyright

This article, written by Zack Ball, outlines the laws concerned with copyright. The introduction begins by pointing out that copyright is becoming more and more popular due to the invention of the internet. He then starts off by defining copyright by stating: “copyright is the law protecting the exclusive rights of a creator’s original work.” From there he addresses what cannot be coyrighted, fair use laws, exclusive rights, owning copyright work, and the exigency of registering with the US copyright office.

Zach’s article is a solid piece of work that contains pertinent information. His overall theme, that copyrighting is becoming more common through the internet, is spot on as well. It is a sad but very true reality. The depth of the internet has made it relatively easy for people to go unnoticed while copying or stealing the work of other’s. This is a serious problem that will only get worse with years to come. Designers, especially, need to be educated as to what they can and cannot do with content found online and throughout the web.


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