Inspiration Log: Entry 4

National Geographic


National Geographic did an amazing job with the homepage for their climate change segment. The homepage utilizes an array of moving environmental photos that lay the background for a title that reads: “Climate change is here.” The home page does a great job of immediately capturing your attention with the various captivating environmental images. Additionally, an appeal targeting emotion is used by images portraying melting ice and animals fleeing their habitats.

This webpage is also very usable and easy to navigate. Below the main picture and title is a list of tabs that read: “How do we know it’s happening, how do we fix it, and how do we live with it?” You can scroll down right from the home image and get all of the information you need in a matter of seconds. Lastly, a navigational tool bar is placed along the left side of the home page to provide easy access to the rest of the website. Essentially, National Geographic presents you with a question while providing you with the necessary information to answer that question. Great overall job and purpose.


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