Inspiration Log: Entry 5

Design Thinking Builds Strong Teams

Nielsen  Norman Group’s Sarah Gibbons wrote a fantastic article on design thinking. Before the article begins a summary is provided which reads: “Not only does design thinking foster innovation, but it also strengthens teams by creating common vocabulary and artifacts, and a trust-based team culture.” Gibbons goes on to explain how design thinking is a crucial component of establishing “common ground” within a team in a given workplace. She defines common ground as “a body of common knowledge, assumptions, vocabulary, and cultural practices.”

She then outlines the three important factors of common ground that design thinking develops. These three components are shared vocabulary, tangible artifacts, and a trust-based team culture. From there on each component is individually defined and provided with real life examples. This article does an amazing job of describing the design thinking process and why it all makes sense.

The final part of the article contains a conclusion that sums up the point of design thinking. Gibbons essentially shows that the design thinking process brings team members together, focuses them on a goal, improves job satisfaction, and increases the probability of a successful outcome. However, she then reiterates that the point of design thinking is not to build strong teams but to establish innovation and creativity. The fact is that design thinking can effectively establish the sort of environment that is needed for a focused and task-oriented team.


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