Inspiration Log: Entry 6

Visual Design Basics

This article is found in the “What and Why of Usability” section on’s website. The article details the basic elements and principles associated with visual design. The basic elements of visual design include: line, shape, color, texture, typography, and form. On the other hand, visual design principles include: unity, gestalt, space, hierarchy, balance, contrast, scale, dominance, and similarity. When pulling it all together you can achieve a visual design that captivates viewers while keeping them invested in your web page.

Secondly, this article does a phenomenal job of providing clear definitions and examples. At the very bottom of the article there is a screen shot of a web page that employs some of the visual design principles. This works well with the information provided because it shows how the various visual design principles look in action. Lastly, a section of additional information is provided at the bottom of the article. Overall, did an excellent job with their article pertaining to visual design.


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