Inspiration Log 2: Entry 4

Four Mobile UX Trends heading into 2014

Guy Redwood, of Simple Usability, observes four mobile trends heading into 2014 in this article. Web browsing in undoubtedly headed in the mobile direction and at an alarming rate. Consequently, research pertaining strictly to smart phones and tablets has drastically increased. From this research, several key user trends have been brought to light which help us to further understand user behavior throughout the web. The first trend observed concerns the fact that the majority of mobile users are browsing the web from their bedroom or living room. Secondly, research proves that mobile users do not prefer holding their phone upright or sideways. It turns out both landscape and portrait orientations are used by essentially everyone.

Furthermore, it was concluded that mobile web browsers lack marketing and advertising incentives. This is primarily because users love the clean look of a mobile web face without any distracting advertisements. Unfortunately, this causes a lack of money to be obtained through mobile browsers. Finally, the article describes how mobile expectations are largely misunderstood. The old school approach seems to believe that the smaller the screen is the more simple the application must be. Contrarily, the new train of thought advocates for the number of opportunities available to correlate with the complexity of the user experience. In conclusion, mobile strategies which provide more encompassing, flexible, and richer experiences will be most successful in the near future. Mobile web browsing is bringing about new behaviors and expectations which must be catered to in order to remain relevant in our ever-changing technological society.


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