Inspiration Log 2: Entry 5

Responsive web design vs. mobile app development

TechRepublic’s Ryan Boudreaux explores the various aspects of mobile app development and responsive web development in this article. He begins by examining the criteria and considerations for both mobile and responsive forms of development. When deciding between mobile and responsive design development, you should always keep in mind costs, time frame, deign approach, user experience, performance, and ongoing maintenance issues. The main factors concerned with both forms of development deal with speed, costs, app store accessibility, and the process of approval. Strictly mobile applications have proved to be faster than responsive web designs; although, the costs associated with mobile app development are indefinitely higher. Additionally, responsive web designs do not have access to the app store but also do not require approval to be published. Most mobile applications are required to comply with some sort of approval process.

All of this information proves that serious consideration is required when making the decision to develop either a strictly mobile application or responsive web design. Mobile applications typically fulfill some specific purpose or function while responsive web designs are more applicable to various devices. In order to successfully make a decision concerning which type of platform to utilize, you must heavily consider the effective use of both types of designs. Only after determining the pros and cons of each design option will you be able to effectively choose the appropriate medium for your content.



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