Inspiration Log 2: Entry 7

THE CLIMATE CHANGE ISSUE – National Geographic

Best Home/Welcome Page

National Geographic did an excellent job with their “Climate Change Issue” segment. As a result, they received the award for best home/welcome page. Their homepage was hugely successful in capturing the user’s attention from square one. The welcome page boasts a picture of the arctic with vast amounts of water pouring into the ocean. “Climate change is here” stands large and in charge in front of the screen-wide photograph. Under the title reads a short but powerful couple of sentences:”Record heat, melting ice, and rising seas show how climate change is affecting us.
But there’s new hope we can cool the planet. Here’s how.” This statement is successful in that it presents a serious problem but concludes with the possibility of a solution to that problem.

NatGeo Pic.png

I particularly enjoyed National Geographic’s homepage because of the way it initially stood out to me. The entire screen is taken up by the photograph of the arctic melting away. It captures your focus instantly and holds on to it. Additionally, three questions are presented including: How do we know it’s happening, How do we fix it, and How do we live with it? These questions are immediately answered in the space below the heading photograph. This is the way I would anticipate constructing my own homepage in the future. I especially enjoy the large photograph which takes up the entirety of the screen. This technique catches the user’s attention and urges them to keep reading or scrolling on. Large, bold pictures help to obtain user focus and effectively maintain that focus.


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