Inspiration Log 2: Entry 8

INSIDE ABBEY ROAD – Google Creative Lab

Best Navigation/Structure

Inside Abbey Road, created by Google’s Creative Lab, certainly earned their award of “Best Navigation/Structure.” Once you enter the website, you are immediately brought to a Google Maps sort of looking screen which is located directly on Abbey Road. You are able poke around the street from this point and visit different locations along the road. After a couple minutes a sign pops up that says “Inside Abbey Roads.” Below this sign there is a button reading “Step inside.”

Abbey Road (2).png

After you enter Abbey Road Studios you are able to navigate around the band’s original studio with the click of your mouse. This function is rather interesting as it illustrates which spots they used to record their music and such. The navigation is exceptionally smooth as it resembles the functions of Google Maps. The overall structure and appearance of the website allows for quite a unique user experience. If I were to ever include some form of map on my website I would want it to resemble Google’s “Inside Abbey Road” as closely as possible. The reason being that this type of functioning map causes the user to be instantly engaged and remain engaged. This type of engagement will make it easier for you to keep users on your site and have them visit back again in the future. Consequently, it will be easier to either get eyes on your content or sell your product.

Abbey Road (1).png


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