Inspiration Log 2: Entry 9


Best Use of Online Media

Volkswagen’s use of online media was exceptional in their “Unleash your Rrrr” segment. Their page boasts two entertaining videos which debut their brand new simulation technology. The explain their device as “the world’s first artificial intelligence brain that translates abstract sounds into a virtual test drive.” Creativity commented on the campaign saying, “the more ridiculous you sound, the more fun you’ll have.” The first video portrays lots of different children making hilarious driving noises as they pretend to steer a car. A professional driver coasts around a racing track in the Volkswagen Golf R while the kids make their noises. The video utilizes a large amount of online media to effectively illustrate the process of the simulation.


The second video shows Michael Winslow, the “king of sound effects,” powering the Golf R with his insane car sounds. Each video is very well done and inspires the user to create their own simulation video. At the bottom of the page there is a section for user generated videos which are quite hilarious. The successful implementation of online media enabled their campaign to achieve lots of attention and response from users. This is a strategy that I would use in my own personal work to ensure that results are delivered as expected. Employing engaging online media throughout videos and campaigns ensures the focus of audience members and users. However, a video or presentation which comes off as bland and flat will turn audience members away from your content.


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