Inspiration Log 2: Entry 10


Best Use of Native Advertising

GE’s web page dedicated to “The Message and GE Podcast Theater” won best use of native advertising for a reason. Their site seamlessly blends original content with incognito advertisements. “The Message and GE Podcast Theater” was created as a weekly 8-episode sci-fi podcast that explores the realm of sound technology and reveals the secrets that lie within. “Native Advertising” is defined as a specialized form of advertising which is normally online and matches the form and function of the platform it appears on. GE does an amazing job of blending their content with plugs for their company’s new online inventions.GE The Message.png“The Paper Trail” section stayed on the topic of the weekly podcast while providing information for their new online interactive game. The online game related to the weekly podcast but was not originally a part of the series. This strategy enabled GE to introduce their interactive game in the same space they were promoting their weekly podcast. Furthermore, all of the content on their page followed the same type of design and style. This allowed them to effectively blend genuine content along with advertisements. Additionally, the overall design and style helped to achieve a more cohesive web page. The starry night theme accompanied by the dark sky background created a similar appearance throughout the entirety of the page.

This strategy of presenting advertisements alongside content has proved to be successful in a number of respects. The primary reason being that users do not feel that they are being pushed to buy something right off the bat. Instead, they are more engaged because they feel that they are being presented genuine information rather than petty advertisements attempting to obtain their money. I would certainly employ this tactic in my future endeavors in order to maintain the interest of users within my website. Blatant advertising only pushes your audience further away from your content and overall message. I would try to avoid obvious advertisements throughout each and every level of my web pages.


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