Inspiration Log 2: Entry 13


Best Visual Design – Aesthetic

The Haus Portfolio Site is absolutely astonishing. No wonder they received the Webby Award for best aesthetic visual design in the mobile site and apps category. Their website features several pages of work that Haus has done for various companies including LG, Ford, EA Games, and Surf Air. Each node on the site previews the work that Haus has done for each company. Their work involves creating fascinating motion pictures for various projects that the companies have undertaken. When I say motion picture I am referring to images that move and create a short video for users to watch. Ford, for example, had Haus create an intriguing background for their “A New Look for Ford” project. However, the background Haus constructed for their portfolio site’s home page was quite interesting. It features a unique image that almost resembles that of a cell structure. Additionally, the image responds to your mouse and rotates in the direction that you hold your cursor.


The background takes up the whole entire screen and immediately captures your full attention. Also, you are instantly curious about the website once you discover that the image’s motion relies on your cursor’s actions. I firmly believe that this is the direction all responsive web designs will soon begin to follow. This type of design is simply more aesthetically pleasing than a still or static appearance. Also, the user cannot help but become completely engaged with the website and all that it has to offer. This is why I would strive to make all of my web designs mimic this style in the future. I feel that white space and blank areas on a web page detract from the aesthetically pleasing aspect of the overall design. I am always more interested in what a website has to offer whenever I stumble upon a site that utilizes this type of style throughout their design. Contrarily, I am usually unimpressed when I visit a website that employs bland images to accompany their content. This style of design seems almost outdated and just plain boring. Without at least some utilization of movable images and text, your website will lack mysteriousness and the interesting appeal needed to keep users coming back time and time again




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