Inspiration Log 2: Entry 14

DREAMS OF DALÍ- Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Best in: Art & Experimental

Goodby Silverstein & Partners created something very special for the newest installment in The Dali Museum. The exhibition featured a virtual reality experience that took you into Dali’s famous 1935 painting, “Archeological Reminiscence of Millet’s ‘Angelus’.” At the exhibit, museum-goers wore virtual-reality headsets that brought Dali’s dreamscape to life. The results were truly amazing. Participants were astonished time and time again with the surreal feeling of being inside artwork. Furthermore, their website did an excellent job of advertising the experience for anyone and everyone to see. Multiple videos were utilized to demonstrate exactly how the virtual reality appeared to participants. The web page also employed an interesting technique that only allowed you to view content after you had scrolled over it. Essentially, you would scroll down and see blank space and then a set of images and text would suddenly appear. This tactic made the website all the more engaging to explore. The exhibition was only open to the public from January 23rd to June 12th of this year; however, the people who got to partake in the virtual reality experience were able to witness something truly unique and fascinatingly engaging.



This type of experimentation was highly successful for the museum as well as the website. The online experience alone obtained more than 2 million views in less than 10 days. In fact, “Dreams of Dali” was so successful that it is now in the process of becoming a permanent exhibition at The Dali Museum. Also, the website features a video which allows you to imitate the experience of virtual reality. It appears to be a normal YouTube video, but when you press play you are able to turn the video around a complete 360 degrees. Doing this enables you to get a sense of what the virtual reality experience must truly feel like. Basically, the website was effective in mimicking the genuine experience of virtual reality. This is something that I have yet to see throughout the vast assortment of online videos and simulators. Consequently, as virtual reality becomes more and more mainstream, I think this type of strategy will become widely successful and popular in the years to come.



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