Inspiration Log 2: Entry 15


Best User Experience

Verse’s website dedicated to the “Connected to the Top” project was very well done. “Connected to the Top” follows two young professional climbers, Cory Richards and Adrian Ballinger, and their journey to the top of Mount Everest. The video presents high quality clips from the expedition as well as short excerpts which explain the journey in detail. The website incorporates various aspects of design, photography, and usability to ensure an enjoyable user experience.  First off, when you open the website you are only presented one item, a video. The only other attributes to the web page are a few options in the top left hand corner and singular option in the top right hand corner. The options in the top left include a home button, an informational tab, and a social menu enabling the user to share the site throughout various social media platforms. The single option on the ride hand side provides a drop down menu with links to the project’s other videos, slideshows, and Q&A’s. The minimal design utilized for their website allows for an astonishingly easy time for any user navigating the page. The entire background of the site is the video itself, which provides a sleek and clean appearance for the user to enjoy.

Nat Geo- 1.png


Like I stated in a previous blog post, the fact that the video takes up the entire screen makes for an incredible user experience. The page is engaging and captures your full attention right from the start. Additionally, they made the play button read “View Story” rather than simply providing a button containing either the word or symbol for “play.” This aspect of their site intrigues you from the first glance and gets you interested in their content from the start. It was actually very interesting to me when I stumbled upon this website because I had followed these two climbers on various social media accounts throughout their endeavors at Mount Everest. To see how the finished product came out was truly amazing. The overall slick design and appearance of the website allowed for a user experience that exceeded any and all expectations. The site was easy to navigate and moved very quickly as well. All of these characteristics made the website’s usability top-notch. If I were to record some sort of extravagant journey or story, I would attempt to recreate this same sort of simple yet elegant design. It effectively engages the user without presenting them with too many options or distractions.


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