Online Design II: Inspiration Log 1-2


The web hosting site “eHost” ranked number 4 on WhoIsHostingThis?’s list of  best web hosting sites of 2017 for a reason. Their site displays information in a clear and cut manner that is comprehended easily by anyone seeking their hosting services. Their name and logo elude to this principal feature of their web presence. The simplistic eHost logo with two colors and clear typeface is a reference to their simple and clear site. All of their important information is contained into one header with the only section being an option to change the page’s language to either English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, or Italian. I thought this was an interesting feature of their site as I had not seen a web hosting site with such options until this one. Furthermore, their page offers one option which is priced at $2.75/Month and 50% off their original price for the same offer. This makes it all the more easy to decide on a hosting plan as their option includes all of the benefits and features that they offer.

The structural organization of eHost’s services allows them to dedicate the majority of their website to showcasing all of the valuable features that come with their web hosting service. The features range from selling and marketing aspects to the benefits of world-class technology, drag and drop site builders, and more. Essentially, the site is particularly effective in proving to the customer why their service is worth using. Below their button to “Get Started Now” is a section that lists three tools included in their web hosting offer which are a design, marketing, and support suite. The values of these tools are priced at $100, $200, and $50, respectively. This information entices the customer because their service is being offered for roughly $22 a year. eHost’s website is successful in making it easy for their customers to choose a hosting plan as well as prove to them why that plan is the best bang for their buck.


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