Online Design II: Inspiration Log 1-5

Wed development Contracts: Content loading and maintenance

I would ensure that each contract I sign ensures that I am in charge of producing and loading content. The exception to this rule would be if a business has already established content that they require to be used on their site. Being in control of any and all content is essential in maintaining a level of knowledge and control which ensures cohesiveness throughout the overall design and life of a website. I would attempt to avoid content being produced from various entities and brought together thereafter as it creates variety within design aspects and appearance. However, working with content already produced by a business is something I would be able to work with. I would go about this process in a different way but strive to achieve the same results as if I were to produce the content myself. This process would involve building off of the previously produced content in order to generate a feel for the website that further enforces the culture of the business or entity.

Maintenance to content would have to change based on the duration of time I would be working with the project. For example, if a business was paying me to work either hourly or on a single project I would require that content maintenance be someone else’s job. On the other hand, if I was working by the year I would elect to be the one in charge of content maintenance. The reason for this being that I could observe the progression of the website and adapt its respective content in order to stay up to speed with current trends in the industry.




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