Online Design II: Inspiration Log 1-11

Google Makes Its $149 Photo Editing Software Now Completely Free to Download:

In March of last year, Google made the Nik Collection, their photo editing software, free for download by anyone and everyone. This was certainly a bold move by the technological heavyweight; however, was it really all that incredible? The Nik Collection seems to be merely a software used to edit photos with options such as filters, color correction, and image sharpening. The application proves that it does not offer the same capabilities that either Affinity Photo or Adobe Photoshop does. This is why I am not sure that reducing the price from $150 to completely free was actually all that much of surprise as it was a plan.

PC Magazine even mentioned during an interview that although the Nik Collection can run several different plugins at once within the application, they are better used when integrated into an established image editing such as Adobe Photoshop. This demonstrates that Affinity Photo is more of a stepping stone to effective image editing rather than anything else. Affinity Photo can only do so much in the realm of editing photos whereas Photoshop offers a large variety of options that allow for deeper levels of manipulation to images. This is the primary reason that Adobe Photoshop will remain at the top of the industry until another software comes along that offers the same level of professional editing options at a significantly cheaper price. Google should have never charged similar amounts to the cost of Photoshop for their Affinity Photo application. Consequently, they reimbursed customers who bought the Affinity Photo software in the months following its conception. Affinity Photo would have had to include much more editing options  in order for Google to have reasonably charged upwards of $100 for the software.


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