Online Design II: Inspiration Log 1-7

Freelancers, Here’s How To Do Your Taxes:

Laura Shin, of Forbes, writes on an interesting aspect of freelance work which I had never truly given too much consideration to. This aspect is taxes. There are many envious facets of a freelance worker’s life such as the ability to make your own schedule and work from home. However, taxes are not so easy for freelance workers. Particularly the ones who work from project to project and contract to contract are the workers who have the hardest time getting their taxes straight. This is the case because their taxes are not specifically outlined for them like they are for the vast majority of workers who receive bimonthly checks from their employer. Fortunately, there are remedies to solve these problems for freelance workers such as web designers.

One popular option is to hire a tax professional to work out the specifics for you so you do not have to. Accountants can certainly be pricey but they are also beneficial in saving a whole lot of time and stress associated with crunching the numbers yourself. Additionally, they will ensure you pay the correct amount which will avoid having to pay even more money to the IRS if you are incorrect in your own calculations. This will also allow you to focus more time and energy on your various freelance projects as opposed to worrying about how much money you will owe to the government for each and every one. An accountant will help confirm the exact amount that you owe each year so that you do not ending up paying more or less than you truly need to. Needless to say, accountants are worth the cost when attempting to configure your final tax expenses for a year of work.


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