Online Design II: Inspiration Log 1-10

Photoshop alternative Affinity Photo now available in Mac App Store:

DPReview’s Brittany Hillen writes on an interesting new tool in the design world which recently made its way to the industry by way of Mac OS X. Affinity Photo, essentially Apple’s version of Adobe Photoshop, launched in early 2015 challenging the powerhouse that is Photoshop. The application aims to offer a cheaper alternative to Adobe’s Photoshop while containing many of the same features and level of quality. However, I am not so sure that Affinity Photo will be able to make a noticeable impact in the world of design or experience lasting success.

The reason for this being that Adobe Photoshop has already established itself as such a uniform tool for image and photo manipulation for the purpose of designing. Photoshop also works alongside various other Adobe tools such as Illustrator and Dreamweaver to achieve a commonality between the applications. They all operate from within the Adobe framework which allows them to easily transfer content between each other. Personally, I would stick with Adobe Photoshop even if I was given the option to switch to Affinity Photo for cheaper. I have been taught Adobe Photoshop even in the early years of high school as an elective course. Furthermore, Adobe is the application of choice for PC’s which are the computers of the business world. You can expect to walk into an office building and see lots of PC’s in desks and cubicles rather than that of Mac’s. Mac’s are more uncommon for businesses and utilized on more of a personal level. This makes it easier to produce and send work done through Adobe instead of having to transfer it from Affinity to Photoshop. For example, it would be easier to send an Adobe Photoshop file to a company to be worked on and manipulated rather than sending an Affinity Photo file containing different forms of data.


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