Online Design II: Inspiration Log 1-13

Divi vs. Genesis (WordPress)

Divi and Genesis are two different yet similar frameworks offered by the wed building service “WordPress.” Outlining the differences and similarities between the two can help point to which one to use if you are faced with the decision to use one or the other. First off, Divi and Genesis are two of the most popular frameworks used throughout the world of WordPress themes. Divi’s creator, Elegant Themes, and Genesis’s creator, StudioPress, have taken alternative approaches to theme design which has led to two distinctly different products. However, at the same time, the two frameworks offer design options that are similar in nature and mirror each other.

The key difference is that Genesis offers a wide variety of child themes while Divi is a more self-contained theme. Although, surprisingly, this is a feature that also works towards the similarities between the two frameworks. The reason being is that many templates offered by Divi allow for changes to be made to the appearance of your website in a way that mimics the child themes feature of Genesis. With Genesis, you will most likely utilize the framework as your theme or upload a child theme. A child theme simply means that the framework is easily manipulated and changed according to your preferences and design taste. You can easily float from child theme to child theme without making any major theme migrations. Similarly, with Divi, there are over 20 templates that allow for transferring between them that is both fluid and quick. Although these templates differ from true child themes, they are reminiscent of them in the sense that they make it easy for you give your site a new look and aesthetic appeal with the simple click of a button. Additionally, Divi contains a few child themes of its own and more are being implemented in the framework with each new day. Furthermore, Genesis allows for designers to get a head start on other aspects of their site as they can choose a simple child theme that serves their purpose well enough. After this they can move onto the more complex decision making aspects of design such as functionality and custom coding options. Divi, on the other hand, includes a “Divi builder” in the theme which is essential for customizing options such as color coordination and visual composition. In essence, Genesis is more preferable for the experienced coder who is able to manipulate the underlying code to include heavily specialized options throughout the theme. Divi will be more useful to the less experienced coder who is able to make effective use of the builder and construct and successful site in doing so.


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