Online Design II: Inspiration Log 1-14

Photography Equipment Options

Photography is a large part of web designing. Sometimes the best websites are the ones who are able to capture and hold the attention of users most effectively through the implementation of appealing photographs and design themes. Stock photos can only take a designer so far until they are left running out of options. This is especially the case when one has to pull from within the restrictions of the creative commons which are fairly limited in their variety. This leaves designers with the option of purchasing their own photography equipment and using it to produce the pictures that make it to their finished websites. This process has its pros and cons as it allows for creative flexibility and the option to compile whatever photos a designer has in mind for their project. Unfortunately, the action of physically taking your own photographs takes up time that could be used to further the advancement of a website you may be working on at the moment.

Several sources have documented the best places to buy photography equipment online and narrowed it down for us. The first option is, of course, Amazon. This online retailer comes in first place for virtually anything you could possibly imagine purchasing online. Amazon’s major benefit is that they often include deals or sales with certain items that allow for the purchase of products far below retail value. The list follows with retailers such as B&H Photo, Adorama, Newegg, and Ebay. As the world of web design continues to grow and develop I expect that designers who provide their own photos will have a leg-up on the competition. This aspect adds another level of genuineness to your designing capabilities, especially if you can produce above-average quality images with preferable appearance for web pages.


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