Online Design II: Inspiration Log 1-15

Web Design Trends for 2017:

O’RUN Application:

There are many trends on the rise in the current realm of web theory and design. Some old tactics are beginning to die while new ones take storm and make real lasting impacts throughout the industry. One of these new trending tactics is the employment of open composition on webpages. Open composition refers to loose designs that display suspended elements such a buttons and nodes which flee off the side of the screen. These designs are becoming popular because the suspended elements off the screen give the impression that they still exist beyond the edge of the monitor’s screen. Such designs usually display screens that take up the entire monitor and are effective in acquiring user attention as a result. Sites such as, a website showcasing the “O’RUN Application,” have employed this technique and been widely successful in doing so.

IL #5

This strategy has begun to gain lots of popularity in web design and will likely see continued growth in the years to come. Navigating around openly composed sites still proves to be an issue from time to time and the interface can appear to glitch or lag when scrolling up and down. These techniques may potentially be the route that the majority of web presences take on after all the bugs and issues are worked out. The large images and interactive buttons are simply so effective in keeping users interested with the content on the site and well as navigating between various pages. Additionally, mobile applications using web pages to promote themselves may gravitate towards this strategy because it makes the computer monitor seems almost like a mobile device in its appearance.



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