Online Design II: Inspiration Log 1-16

Web Design Trends for 2017:

Boone Selections:

Other forms of open composition employ a tactic which enables the web page to react to the users scrolling and mouse movements. Boone Selection’s website does an amazing job at this interesting strategy. Their design is sleek and intriguing while displaying minimal content. Their website appears to be a normal page when you first open it. However, when you scroll down a tiny airplane moves across the screen from right to left depending on the direction of the user’s scrolling. A tiny compass below the plane also follows the movements of your mouse and points to whichever direction the user’s mouse is positioned at. The design is quite unique and is highly effective in capturing user attention and peaking the interest of potential customers.

IL #7

IL #8.png

IL #9.png

Boone Selection is in the business of selling wine. However, you would not be able to tell by browsing the first few frames of their website. Their strategy relies on the interactive homepage and responsive plane and compass to attract the user to the bottom of the page where they are prompted to “check out our products” below a fancy quote about wine. Additionally, the site’s typeface is notably clean and rather intriguing itself. Lastly, the page contains intricate yet simple graphics which get drawn onto the screen when you scroll past them such as USA flag on the left of all three example pictures. These small yet interesting features of their homepage certainly get you interested in their their motive from the start and keep you poking around to find out more about Boone Selection.




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