Online Design II: Inspiration Log 1-17

Web Design Trends for 2017:

A Foreigner’s Guide to Polish Cinema:

Asymmetry was another huge successful trend that 2016 brought to the attention of the vast world of web design. Symmetry was largely used throughout the majority of websites for a very long time. Recently, designers are creating web pages with asymmetric templates not properly aligned on the left and right sides. This strategy catches the eye of the user particularly quick as humans are drawn to symmetry. Symmetry is something that makes sense to us and our brains can get behind. A classic example is the fact that more symmetrical faces appear to be more attractive than faces of people which are not as symmetric. Asymmetry is something we are not used to seeing, and when we see it we are immediately focused on why it is not symmetric. A Foreigner’s Guide to Polish Cinema’s website does a perfect job of capitalizing on this odd habit. As you scroll, the homepage navigates horizontally between three asymmetrical images while providing a quick summary caption before prompting the user to “Enter Article.”

IL #11

IL #12

The site is effective in combining type and images in such a way that presents content in a asymmetrical manner while maintaining an orderly fashion of the information displayed. It is fairly easy to read the text and navigate around the web page, yet the large and off-center background images entice you to keep exploring the site in an attempt to fulfill curiosity. This tactic is highly effective and will certainly be seen put to more use throughout the remainder of the year and into the future of web design.


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