Online Design II: Inspiration Log 1-18

Web Design Trends for 2017:

Melanie F:

2016 also saw yet another interesting trend in web theory and design. Traditional methods such as the minimalist and structured approaches to composing websites were challenged with more free form stylistic choices for design. Essentially, there was a push for more creativity in design and less rigidness. This could be attributed to the fact that designers are getting tired of the same old simple designs as well as an interest in more complex forms of design theory including the placement of elements and the relationships between those elements. Melanie F’s website, a shoe seller, takes advantage of this switch in industry preference by adding a little bit of chaos to the design of their webpage.

IL #14

The site employs an interesting tactic of placing geometric shapes on the white background of the entire page. These shapes move either to the left or right in a continuous circle depending on the direction in which the mouse is scrolled. Additionally, the images of shoes and letters pop up as you scroll down the pages. This strategy introduces new content over old content that you originally did not expect to be there. Lastly, if you notice the tiny speaker emblem in the top left corner of the page then you can infer the site has automated music constructed to play as soon as you navigate to the site. This is a unique tactic which has been becoming more popular in recent years throughout web theory. The music sets a certain tone for the website and eludes to an added measure of chaos among the various seemingly misplaced elements sprawled about the page.

IL #15








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