Online Design II: Inspiration Log 1-19

Web Design Trends for 2017:

Oliver Bernstein:

Another increasingly popular trend of web design proves to be the overlapping of images and content. Oliver Bernstein’s website, dedicated to showcasing his various accomplishments in fine wine, architecture, and properties, capitalizes on this newly found trend in web theory and design. The website is structured in such a way that moves from left to right with left being a downward scroll of the mouse and right being an upward scroll. However, you can press the slideshow icon in the bottom left corner of the page and simply watch the pictures and text roll by like a sort of fluid presentation. Each pages slides over the next very smooth like. As you scroll back you see the previous pictures and blocks of text that began the presentation.

IL #17

IL #18

This site also utilizes a music function to play a soothing tune while you watch the pictures and text slide across the screen. This creates for a great user experience as it is enjoyable to sit back and watch the presentation run its course full of beautiful pictures and lovely french text. Each picture also takes up the entirety of the screen just for a second until it is swept away with a slide dedicated to text explaining the pictures and locations. This is a characteristic choice to overlap elements over each other. Images also overlap other images as well as some text overlapping a few key photos. This type of design embraces the newly exploited free and creative style of designing while stepping away from the traditional plain and simple structure once utilized by virtually all designers.












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