Online Design II: Inspiration Log 1-20

Web Design Trends for 2017:

Ming Labs:

A shift in the selection of typefaces can also be observed by the recent trends in responsive online design. It used to be that basic and standard typefaces such as Helvectica and Open Sans for virtually everything on the internet. Nowadays, designers have been seen experimenting with various forms of typefaces and even contrasts including serif typefaces and non-serif typefaces. In addition, geometric typefaces are becoming more popular along with the use of serif typefaces in headers and in body text. These trends are attributed partly to technological advancements and partly to greater risks being taken by web designers. Ming Labs employed a number of new strategies to illustrate their brand through innovative typography throughout their web presence. Their “M” and giant “MING” lettering give reinforce the Ming Labs brand while presenting themselves in a unique and memorable way.

IL #2.png

With these strategies in effective, Ming Labs can blur the line between aspects of art and typography. These methods are successful in making the experience one that the user will remember because the text being read is aesthetically appealing and far different than the typical typefaces used throughout the web. The page also contains responsive components that incorporate the giant “MING” lettering. For example, when you navigate to either side of the page, to the work or about buttons, the “MING” lettering begins to change colors and then disappears. This is also done to intrigue users and get them motivated to navigate about the site once they are in.

IL #3.png























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