Online Design II: Inspiration Log 1-22

Web Design Trends for 2017:

Benjamin Guedj:

A French designer by the name of Benjamin Guedj constructed a site to showcase his work. His site heavily employs the current trend of enlarging key words while minimizing the remainder of the text. This strategy creates a large contrast between header and body text. This allows for a the user to quickly and easily distinguish between the two forms of text. Consequently, users are able to navigate through the website with more speed and precision than ever before. The site also operates on a horizontal axis that turns when you scroll the mouse up and down.

IL #8.png

A similar technique can been seen in use on Monsieur Caillou’s web site that showcases the work of several different professionals in the field of art and design. In this case, only one name is shown of the person and only once you click on them does it take you to their professional portfolio where work has been put on display. The design is clean and organized with neat varying sections for the different pieces of work posted by the various professionals. This enhances usability for users as well because they are more focused on imperative information rather than miscellaneous text or distracting pieces of content. The fact of the matter is that humans are only getting more lazy with a steadily decreasing attention span. This means that designers need to adapt their typefaces to evolve to this convenience-oriented modern age. People merely skim text anymore, they never read the entire section or block of content. Web designers have begun to caught onto the trend but need to perfect the process of relaying information in short, big, bold, and quick ways.

IL #9.png

IL #10.png













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