Online Design II: Inspiration Log 1-23

Web Design Trends for 2017:


Last year also begun the trend of favoring dimmer colors over brighter and louder colors. It used to be commonplace to design a website on a solid white background with shades of grey for detail and texture. However, the trend has made a definite shift in recent times. The more popular move throughout the web in the current industry is to employ darker colors to the website with variations of black being used for intricate design and patterns. Darker colors give off a more professional and credible look to companies who utilize them on their web presence altogether. Uprising demonstrates their participation in this trend by designing their website completely off of colors such as dark red, black, and dark grey. These color schemes radiate a more serious tone when compared to that of lighter and brighter color pallets. Consequently, any company trying to prove to their clients or potential customers that they mean business will utilize these darker color schemes in order to hit their targeted audience and be effective in doing so. Dark blue is another specific color associated with reliability and dependability. This is why you will see hints of blue throughout many professional portfolios and resumes. Below are some examples of Uprising’s use of these trendy dimmer color schemes.

IL #12.png

IL #13.png







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