Online Design II: Inspiration Log 1-24

Web Design Trends for 2017:

KLM iFly 50:

Animation is an principal component of web design as it always has been. Although, technological advancements are enabling designers to do much more with animation while making the quality improve as well. Many websites now use the strategy of fluidly changing a page or section with the scroll of a mouse. In addition to this feature, the order of images and content being presented is becoming more thoroughly thought out with new developments in design occurring all the time. No longer are webpages presenting visual elements in random order and sporadic fashion. The narratives being told through websites are carefully planned and contain specific sequences of animations and images. This is an effective way to create a memorable experience for users considering the fact that humans learn through narratives and storytelling. It is human nature to be invested in a compelling story and want to know how the story ends, hopefully well.

IL #15.png

Pictured above is the first photograph in a slide show of 50 images presented by KLM on their iFly 50 website. The gallery operates by scrolling your mouse down with each scroll revealing a completely new beautiful picture accompanied by an article telling the story behind the photo. KLM carefully considered the images that were chosen throughout the presentation as the narrative paints an extremely vivid picture of the world.

IL #16.png

IL #17.png














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