Online Design II: Inspiration Log 2-1

My first blog post in the second series of inspiration logs looks at Webydo’s acclaimed IT development and web design platform. Their slogan reads “Creative beautiful, responsive websites without code.” They’re not lying when they say creative and beautiful too. Receiving recommendations from Forbes, BBC, and The Huffington Post among others, their service providers users with a brilliant design canvas structure allowing for drag and drop features in instantaneous high definition. From there, Webydo takes care of the code and your site is constructed. Running on the WYSWYG (What You See Is What You Get) principle, Webydo enables users to generate content just as they envision it from the ground up. Additionally, the blank canvas is fully responsive and allows for quick and easy adaptions for all devices or platforms. These are just a few of the many benefits of Webydo, others including parallax animation and a built in CMS (Content Management System). Lastly, the service boasts intelligent SEO (Search Engine Optimization), employing a system of automatically generating and validating HTML code once a website is online. The code is instantly updated to WC3 standards, becoming both cross-platform and cross-browser accessible and optimized for search engine. Each of these features has contributed to amassing a considerably large clientele base of beginning freelancer professional webmasters who utilize Webydo’s service over other platforms of the same caliber.


Reasonable pricing is another advantage to using Webydo’s platform. Their “Pro” option provides everything that a novice webmaster would possibly need and costs $75.00/month. Although this may be higher than Creative Cloud’s “All Apps” plan for $49.99/month, Webydo offers all of their services in a single location allowing users to manage all aspects of websites in the central dashboard. Accompanied by additional advantages such as automated code and a built in CMS, Webydo certainly deserves considerable attention when discussing web design platforms and design services.


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