Online Design II: Inspiration Log 2-3

This blog entry looks at the top trends in user interface design (UI) for 2017. Designers pay lots of attention to UI throughout web pages because usability determines a good portion of a user’s perception and overall likability of a website. Furthermore, effective usability will render more visits while encouraging users to revisit again and again. For starters, innovative and nontraditional designs seem to be becoming more prevalent as more approaches to UI are being experimented with. For example, immersive designs which utilize full-screen videos as backgrounds for web pages have become extremely popular as of late. These designs rely on interactive layouts as a way to effectively engage users and tell stories. Another trend being seen more and more is the use of long form content and scrolling. This tactic enables users to fluidly view large pieces of content without being removed from the experience or interrupted in their experience. Some more popular trends being seen throughout the web today include the use of gradients, vivid colors, and illustrations. Furthermore, alongside these patterns, asymmetric designs which utilize parallax features to “break the grid” are being seen more with each new day. These designs are particularly successful in engaging users with content while keeping them interested in the overall design and layout of a webpage.


Cards, little boxes including content or designs, are also becoming more popular throughout the modern world of web design. As mobile devices have surpassed desktops as the preferred method of web browsing, designers are beginning to employ the use of cards to blur the line between desktop and mobile UIs. Micro-interactions are also proving to be exceptionally prevalent in the complex realm of web designing. These animations usually play a role in navigation and engage users more so than traditional forms of interactions. Lastly, typography and experimental navigation are being utilized more so now than ever. The main take away from the top UI trends of 2017 is that designs are breaking away from the traditional aspects of UI and moving to more experimental and innovative interfaces.


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