Online Design II: Inspiration Log 2-4

Blog post number 4 looks at several web design attributes essential to a quality UI. User interfaces comprise many aspects of what we do as technologically dependent working individuals. Throughout the day, we are constantly faced with aspects of UI from websites to displays in our cars and the thermostats in our homes. Consequently, understanding these concepts is extremely important to being a successful web master and effective designer. The first feature of an effective UI is simplicity. Excellent user interfaces are essentially invisible in their appearance. Elements of the interface must be logical and concise to generate an effective experience for the user. Maaemo, a Norwegian restaurant, encapsulates this concept very well with their website which provides a “Book a table” button right on the home page avoiding confusing for the user and valuing their time.


The next aspect to pay attention to is the clarity of the UI. Labels, buttons, and content in general must be displayed clearly and effectively so that the user may experience the site or page with relative ease. This will allow users to get through content in a timely fashion which puts their experience over anything else. Consistency and familiarity are the next features of UI to keep in mind when designing. Design elements must be effective with choices being made carefully to generate a cohesive UI that caters to the user first. Lastly, visual hierarchy and efficiency are the last characteristics of a quality UI to pay attention to. These aspects of an effective UI will allow users to perform tasks with speed and precision in a way that is easy to understand.


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