Online Design II: Inspiration Log 2-5

This post looks at methods of conducting usability testing on your site for free. Usability testing typically costs money and designers tend to forget about doing it despite its utter importance. However, there are a few ways around pricey usability testing which can get you started on the right track without having to break the bank. The first tactic advises designers to start by getting friends or acquaintances to do some usability testing on your site. In order to do this, you simply need 5 or 6 people to look at your site and navigate throughout it while performing a series of tasks to ensure the usability of your site is up to speed and effective. Some things to keep in mind when conducting this sort of testing is to select the least technically-savvy people to run the tests and to test mobile versions as well. Lastly, to understand that observing these individuals is going to cause them to behave differently when navigating throughout your site. Keep this in mind when interpreting data.


Another method of usability testing encourages designers to do some role playing of their own and test the site for issues themselves. You will be able to simulate the different situations in which users might view your website with this strategy. Lastly, be sure to utilize the free tools within the industry. Be sure to take advantage of Google Analytics and Optimizely. Optimizely is a tool which offers a free plan and aims to collect data regarding the usability of your content. Not to mention, the service integrates with Google Analytics. In conclusion, be creative when testing your site for usability and do not be afraid to take on methods that may not be popular or well known strategies. Test, test, and test again until you have worked out all of the bugs and issues within your site. This will ensure maximum effectiveness for the usability of your site.


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