Online Design II: Inspiration Log 2-6

The sixth blog post in this log looks into 3 web design errors that have proven to be a continued problem time and time again. These problems include lack of clarity, issues with user experience (UI), and information architecture mistakes. These problems have stood the test of time because designers are failing to remember the fundamentals of web design: enabling users to find content, enabling users to read content, and enabling users to understand where to click and find destinations. These usability problems have been haunting the web since the 20th century and must be stopped. A lack of clarity exists when designers fail to illustrate to users the necessary information pertaining to the purpose of a site. A website must employ a cohesiveness that ensures understanding of the various elements within the various pages. Lack of clarity can result from unexpected locations of content, competing links and categories, and hidden fees and prices. Content must be placed in areas that users are familiar with and easily understand how to comprehend. Overstock, for example, does a great job of displaying important information such as pricing with big and bold typefaces to ensure clarity.


Secondly, UX (user experience) problems can be detrimental to a the functionality and effectiveness of a website. Islands of content, repetition of links, stranding users on micro-sites, poor search results or SEO, and flawed filters and facets are the main issues regarding UX design. These UX design errors fail to provide users with the content they are looking for a cause them to reject your site. The third problem deals with information architecture errors which result in overwhelming users with too much content and presenting users with hidden links. Users have proven to skim and scan content throughout webpages and should be presented with small bits and chunks of information as a result. These problems will continue to be seen throughout the web if designers do not pub serious consideration towards usability to establish the necessary UI their site so desperately needs. Only time will tell if these same design issues prevail or if web masters will be able to focus expertise on usability, generating the proper designs.


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