Online Design II: Inspiration Log 2-8

The eighth blog post in this series of usability-related entries lists 15 different psychological traits that can be beneficial in boosting UX if successfully catered to. Subconscious decisions play a large part in a user’s experience throughout a website and can be taken advantage of. These methods do not exploit the user’s psychology but rather acknowledge it and cater to it for means of improving aspects of usability. For one, encapsulating key areas of content can be beneficial in focusing the attention of the user. Exploiting color and contrast can also be effective in capturing the interest of the user and maintaining focus. The next few tactics deal with design concepts and relate to one another: use white space, ensure consistency, and connect with pictures. These strategies establish cohesiveness and boost the usability of a site. Additionally, the primary effect and recency effect can be employed to benefit designers. The primary effects places emphasis on the first element of information while the recency effect focuses on the last bit on content which a user sees. People will tend to remember the first and last things they saw in a list or order pairing of information.

Furthermore, repetition and using social proof as leverage both work well to increase the UX of a site. People remember things that are repeated and want desperately to fit in as well. Showing authority and demonstrating urgency and scarcity will also be effective in improving a UX. People appreciate credibility and hate to miss out on virtually anything. Lastly, inspiring reciprocity, telling stories, and giving something of value away for free are always good ways to improve the overall UX and usability of a website. People are more likely to give information to an entity that provides something in return as a sort of payment. Additionally, narratives capture the attention of users and freebies always work because they are free. These strategies may be employed to increase the UX of a site or simply make a website more engaging and thus more effective in nature.


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