Online Design II: Inspiration Log 2-9

This next post delves into 6 phenomena to watch out for in the world of UX design. First off, you do not want to get eaten up by the next big trend or practice. As a designer, you do not want to immediately jump onto new and popular designs trends simply because they are seen commonly throughout the web. You must think carefully on aspects of design and only employ the trends that fit your purpose and audience in the most effective way possible. Secondly, the game has shifted to favor software that encourages collaboration. No longer are designers developing a design completely in Photoshop or Illustrator but rather utilizing UX tools to blur the line between development and design. This leads to the next point of obtaining a plethora of skills in order to stay competitive within the industry. More designers these days are becoming skilled in multiple aspects of the design process and pose a threat to traditional designers who may not be as savvy with UX design. This is causing designers to beef up their skills to compete with the next generation of hybrid designers.

Next, designers must think about more than the visual with particular focus to the experience of the user. All aspects of the experience must be considered and perfected in order to create a UX that is successful in accomplishing the goals of the content at hand. The evolution of the wireframe also proves to be a recent characteristic of a UX design. There is no doubt than an evolution is coming and designers must be on the look out for the next big thing. Lastly, creative facilitation is essential to generating an effective UX design. If studied and prepared for, these traits of recent trends in UX can enable a designer to stay ahead and on top of the game in order to out-perform competitors.


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