Online Design II: Inspiration Log 2-10

This blog post looks into 9 reasons as to why hand-coding will always be more effective than site builders. What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) site builders are becoming extremely popular as of late. They almost always employ a system of drag-n-drop features while boasting aspects of free services and content. However, there are reasons as to why HTML code and traditional designers are able to create more effective and breathtaking websites. The first being that you are able to control 100% of your site and where it is hosted through hand-coding. Websites built on site builders must stay on site builders and utilize their domains. Secondly, “free” WYSIWYG sites are not 100% free unless you want to pay ridiculous prices in order to obtain your own domain and web space. Some other reasons as to why hand-coding is preferred include understanding your own code and the fact that site builders make yourself seem irrelevant to clients. Clients do not want to see your professional site being presented from a site builder as it shows you are more inexperienced than you need to be.

Additionally, your own hand-written code is essentially always going to be more efficient in nature.  You can ensure the conciseness and minimization of your code.  Your own code is also more secure than a web builder’s code as they use the same code for all sites. Furthermore, your own code is more original and thus easier to reiterate. There are no limits or restrictions when you compose your own code which makes it more easy to manipulate and make altercations to. The last reason, and possibly the most important of all, explains that hand-coding helps you to grow as a developer. You will be able to hone your skills more the more you are able to code and find out which methods work best for you and your audience. These reasons point to the reality that hand-coding your own code will always be superior to constructing sites from web builders.


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