Online Design II: Inspiration Log 2-11

Many new design tools come into existence with each new day it seems. This post looks into the 10 best new design tools for the web in April, 2017. Some excellent learning resources, tools, and color apps comprise these new aids to effective web design. The first is a Material Design color tool which works to ensure the accessibility of your color scheme while you construct it and apply that scheme to various interfaces. The second, Semantic UI 2.2, is utilized in order to make your code more readable with similarities to natural language. Colormind, the third tool, is a palette builder which pulls color schemes from artwork and makes them transferable for designers. However, Thumbor, a smart imaging service, enables you to make multiple manipulations to images within your site on one time. You can resize all of the images on your page at once which will save you time and grief. Moon was included as a fast and light framework used for great performance.

Next up, Penguin, a Mac app, allows you to recolor many icons and images quickly wish relative ease. You are then able to export SVGs and PNGs from there. The seventh, CSS Text Gradient Generator, easily generates a gradient for your site’s text. You can select the color and then copy the code instantly. Foundation Building Blocks, on the other hand, is a library of coded UI components which are collaborative and cohesive in use. CSS Peeper, a chrome extension, works to make Inspect Element designer-friendly. This will help you to replicate design trends and features that you observe throughout the web. Lastly, CSS Grid Garden enables you to learn the ways of Grid through practical use and simulation. These extremely new design tools offer many new-and-improved strategies to creating beautifully elegant designs and interfaces. However, they must be utilized before the vast majority of the industry gets up to speed with them.


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