Online Design II: Inspiration Log 2-13

Branding strategy is of huge importance throughout the world of design. Web masters should also be masters of branding strategies as they are essential to generating effective sites that accomplish goals and cater to specific audiences and users. Improving strategic thinking pertaining to your brand or client’s brand is crucial to being a successful designer and master of the web. There are 5 keys tactics associated with mastering branding strategy. They include chucking out the jargon, doing necessary research, asking the right questions, determining the big idea, and remaining flexible. To “chuck out the jargon” means to focus on the substance and content of the brand rather than focusing on buzzwords. This is especially the case when dealing with clients. Second, doing the necessary research for your brand will ensure you are producing the sort of content needed to succeed and be effective when working for a client.

The next tip seeks to ask the right questions. You must ask your client the correct questions that will benefit you, the designer, the most and allow you to produce a brand which meets or exceeds their needs. Next, you need to see the bigger picture and identify the big idea at hand. Arriving at innovative and creative solutions involves understanding the client’s larger purpose and set of goals. Once this information is understood, an effective brand can be produced and implemented for customers. Lastly, you must stay flexible as the designer. In other words, do not let your strategy or vision limit you in your overall design process. Allow for adaptations and alterations to your work than will further benefit the client’s purpose and needs. Applying these methods to improving branding strategy can help you to become a more effective and valuable designer.


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