Online Design II: Inspiration Log 2-12

This entry looks into 7 tips to managing color better throughout the web. Effective color management is essential to the effectiveness and creativeness of a particular design. The first tip is to place all of your colors in a style guide. This will ensure consistency of your colors and establish cohesiveness in your overall design. Additionally, you want to use just one file for colors specifically. The will help to locate color variables and remind exactly how many and which kind of colors are being used throughout a design. The third recommendation suggests naming your color variables and schemes alike. This will ensure clarity and clear definitions of each set of colors being utilized with a site.

Tip number 4 advocates for the use of Sass maps for colors. Sass maps make it easier to assign separate class names to various colors and their relevant CSS property. Continuing off this tip, it is advised to use Sass for opacity, lightness, and darkness. When used correctly, these functions will create a solid togetherness between your various colors being employed throughout a website. The next tip, using custom pallets in developer tools, helps to ensure effective experimentation of colors on backgrounds, borders, and content. Color can also be updated with the click of a button through implementation of this tactic. Lastly, Pigments for Atom simply highlights a color string or scheme with the actual color representing it. When used with Sass, Pigment can be extremely beneficial to designers from all walks of the web. The visual aspect of seeing the color as the code is written is particularly helpful. Paying attention to aspects of color throughout a site is essential to generating an effective and useful design. Color schemes must be considered when constructing designs and simply cannot be ignored.


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