Online Design II: Inspiration Log 2-16

This next blog post looks into behaviors demonstrated by mobile users and how to design for them. These behaviors are highly important to note as mobile usage has skyrocketed even in last few years. These mobile designs are user-focused and based on trends of user behavior and interaction. The first behavior to observe is the fact that users rely generally on three primary gestures. When navigating mobile sites, people primarily either scroll, swipe, or tap. The takeaway from this practice is to get rid of needless gestures within your mobile site. Rely on the three main gestures and make all others secondary in nature. Secondly, people will go to great lengths to avoid having to do any sort of typing themselves. Trends associated with this behavior include social login options, cut and paste practices, and portrait modes. People would much rather login with their social media information than having the type more words. Additionally, cutting and pasting is largely avoided due to mistakes in execution. Lastly, people do not switch to landscape mode to type and thus make it harder on themselves to perform the task. You should strive to require 0 typing from users visiting your mobile website.

The next behavior shows that icons on mobile interfaces are largely confusing. Using minimal icons only when necessary will help to increase usability and focus attention for users. Icons should also be employed in a way that is consistent with other top sites and apps. Lastly, mobile users do not want to have to multitask or struggle to find a home button. Consequently, a designer should try to make each page its own entity and provide back or home buttons when necessary. People are going to expect mobile versions of a website to be better than the desktop version. Keep this in mind when preparing mobile versions and make the experience a unique and special one for users. The experience should not be broad and complex but rather tightly focused and simple.


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