Online Design II: Inspiration Log 2-19

This blog entry looks into the newest additions of designing software that were installed throughout the month of April this year. There are a few new tools, books, and apps in particular that all web-based designers should consider taking a chance on this April. The first tool goes by the name of “Sketch Camp.” Sketch Camp offers a range of online courses for creative designers with a specific focus on beefing up your sketching skills. You pay once to use the service and are able to choose from a couple different packages containing varying amounts of materials. The next tool is entitled “Go Freelance,” a book showing you how to go about constructing your own path within the vast world of responsive web design. Dave Ellis’s book demonstrates just how to go about becoming a freelance designer and what to look out for along the exciting journey.

The next tool, “Do Fly” written by Gavin Strange, is dedicated to encouraging readers to pursue their passions. The book promises to be your own little motivation to get out and follow your dreams. Next up, “Atomic Design” by Brad Frost, is a book which illustrates Frost’s popular methodology. It is available online for free or in print for a reasonable price. The fifth tool, recently changed from Viki, is known as “V for Wiki.” The app provides users with an effective way of exploring Wikipedia on their mobile Apple device. The last tool to be noted is the “DotsPlus Notebook.” DotsPlus Notebook utilizes a ‘super grid’ design to provide flexibility and creativity for its users. These services, books, and applications can work to achieve various design goals and should be considered by all aspiring web designers.


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