Online Design II: Inspiration Log 2-20

This post takes a look at 10 effective responsive web design tutorials. Responsive web design tutorials illustrate how to create the preferred viewing experience for your website. This ensures a successful UI and UX throughout your site. Responsive design is easier than ever to implement and these 10 tutorials show just how to make your site function and appear well on any device. The first is Codrops Flexbox reference, a complete guide by Sara Soueidan. The Codrops guide is regularly updated and a great resource to stay up to date with the latest and greatest trends or practices in responsive web design. The second tutorial, Stacks: Flexbox for Sketch, teaches you how to use Flexbox technology within Sketch, without the use of CSS. “A crash course in Technical Responsive Web Design (RWD)” is the third tutorial and comes in the form of an online article. The tutorial demonstrates the basics of fundamental responsive web design with lots of useful information condensed into a short and accessible article. The fifth tutorial is entitled “How to create responsive guides in Adobe XD.” This tutorial explains a new UX and prototyping tool called “Adobe Experience Design.” A video tutorial takes you through the entire process, click by click.

“The web designer’s guide to Flexbox” provides a comprehensive guide to the core concepts behind Flexbox. You will be a master of Flexbox when you are done with this tutorial. Furthermore, “CSS at BBC Sport” is actually a post concerning the process of how CSS is done at BBC Sport. Next, “Sticky footer, five ways” lists 5 tips to help you get your footer in the correct spot on each device through the use of calc(), Flexbox, negative margins, and Grid. Jason Grigsby’s article entitled “Adapting to input” describes how you can ensure your site’s ability to accept input from each and every device. Lastly, “Our best practices are killing mobile web performance” demonstrates how performance considerations need to for mobile devices as well. This piece will get you thinking about how to optimize your mobile site and get it functioning the best it possibly can. Each tutorial can do wonders in teaching you the ins-and-outs of responsive web design as to make you an expert in the field. A great combination of content and solid information make these tutorial a must for beginning designers.


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