Online Design II: Inspiration Log 2-21

This post looks at various new tools and technologies from 2017 which pertain to effective UX. The first tool is entitled “UX MAP” and takes the pain out of explaining user flows. UX MAP works to bring ideas to life that may be hard to convey or define. You can also add notes on mouse-over as if you’re there to narrate. Secondly, “UX-App” offers functional prototyping with HTML5. UX-App works via “logic blocks”, enabling designers to move past hot spots. The next UX tool is titled “HandrailUX.” This tool aims to simplify the process of conducting user interviews. HandrailUX accomplishes this by providing a research platform for individuals and design teams. The next tool, “Personapp”, creates user personas quickly and easily. The tool provides a guided experience with prompts that explain the necessary information for product, design, development, and marketing to be successful. It is also free.

“UX Project Checklist”, the fifth tool, provides a simple checklist ensuring that you do not miss any UX basics. Essentially, it is a checklist dedicated to displaying the sore steps of the UX design process. “Hello Many” offers curated lists of tools and assets. The service is a curated source of UI assets including themes, icons, and kits. “Product Hunt”, the seventh and last tool, finds the newest resources so you do not have to spend time doing so. Product Hunt is a one-stop shop for finding the most effective and recent resources available for use. The community within Product Hunt places great resources at the top of the pages so you know which tools to check out based on what is trending at the time. These UX tools certainly provide designers with huge shortcuts to navigating the complex realm of UX. All up-and-coming designers should devote a decent amount of time to learning which tools work best for them and how to master the use of such tools.


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