Online Design II: Inspiration Log 2-23

This entry looks at the Adobe CC software by the name of Edge ReFlow. Edge ReFlow CC providers designers with the ability to generate elegant responsive designs for any screen size to your design workflow, using standardized CSS. You are able to preview designs in real-time with the integration of Edge Inspect, and extract CSS code which can then be handed off to developers. A new feature of Edge ReFlow provides a real-time link to Photoshop CC via Adobe Generate technology. This characteristic makes taking your designs from Photoshop over to Edge ReFlow seamless, which will boost work output significantly for anyone designing responsive sites using Creative Cloud tools. It is important to keep in mind that Edge ReFlow can create HTML during the design process but cannot export it. The software is primarily concerned with giving designers the tools to share their responsive design vision. Components of CSS are to be extracted during the website production process be either the designer or developer.

Another benefit to using Edge ReFlow is the all new Assets Panel. Additionally, typography is covered by the ability to incorporate Web Edge Fonts and Typekit. Managing assets is also taken care of through the Assets Panel as well as the option to preview everything through either your browser or Edge Inspect.  Upon completion, you can easily extract CSS from your design to share with others for further development within Edge Code CC, Dreamweaver CC, or the preferred code editor of your choice. Essentially, Edge ReFlow links perfectly with Photoshop and integrates effortlessly into your Creative Cloud workflow. If you are looking for a responsive design tool that accomplishes these tasks, Edge ReFlow CC is certainly worth checking out. It is also extremely easy to download and install as it is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud.



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