Online Design II: Inspiration Log 2-24

Inspiration Log 2’s second to last entry looks at methods of perfecting motion within branding projects. Motion is no longer seen as an option but rather a crucial element of branding. Essentially, if you are producing the perfect logo design, you need to know how it moves as well. Motion design can do wonders for a brand, making the logo more exciting and engaging. Each and every branding project is becoming increasingly reliant on motion design and implementation. There are several tactics which are used to develop effective motion design within branding projects. The first encourages designers to start as early as possible on implementing motion into the branding image. Experts should be brought in during the beginning stages of a brand’s conception in order to effectively understand how the brand is going to move and evolve over time. Secondly, designers must be flexible when incorporating motion design into branding projects. According to Jane Geraghty, president of Landor, brand coherence is much more important in this day and age than brand consistency. You must give the motion designers free reign to take the brand in directions which push limits and experiment new horizons. However, you do not need to be too flexible. A motion design that pushes the envelope too far can do more harm than good to a branding project. Sometimes, but rarely ever, nothing needs to move to make an impact.

The next strategy encourages designers to trust the motion specialists in which you have hired to help on your branding project. Give the experts time and space to experiment with your brand and challenge the limits of the brand. They may be able to take the brand to new places which you never thought it could have gone. The last tip suggests that designers document the motion branding process heavily. Motion design elements can live on far past a branding project once it has been finished. Additionally, if elements of motion played a fundamental role in the outcome, it should also be a fundamental part of how it is presented in an online space. Following these steps to establishing motion design within your branding projects can help create the best brands possible. These days, the branding image or logo captures people’s attention more so than any other aspect of the product or service.


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