Online Design II: Inspiration Log 2-25

The final blog post in my second series of inspiration logs takes a look at the learning platform “Skillshare.” Skillshare Premium provides users with over 7,000 online classes at the outstanding price of just $0.99 for a 3 month subscription. As creative designers, web masters should constantly be looking for new ways to expand there set of skills and knowledge base. No matter the case, mastering more skills will help to take your design capabilities and career to the next level.

Skillshare is a learning platform providing a plethora of classes relating to illustration, web design and development, graphic design, typography, crafting, business, and many, many more subjects. Skillshare also provides on-the-go learning with their app available for iPhone and Android. Skillshare provides a vast pool of courses pertaining to these subjects at both the novice and intermediate levels of experience. Diverse topics are covered as well as the fundamentals so that you gain an understanding of the bigger picture of the topic or skill. Skillshare employs some of the biggest influencers in the design industry such as Illustrator Jon Contino and TED Talk legend Simon Sinek. Additionally, the lettering legend Jessica Hische offers tutorials on typography in a number of courses. This enables users to experience real hands-on learning and develop skills through Skillshare’s project-based classes. Projects can be uploaded by students in classes and reviewed by peers as well as teachers. These one-on-one experiences are what make Skillshare such a unique learning tool. You have the ability to hone your skills in whichever area of design you desire to become an expert in. Lastly, Skillshare’s unmatched price and accessibility make it a worthwhile learning tool that all aspiring designers should consider utilizing. The range of courses and skill levels taught make it the perfect interactive classroom for designers of all areas of expertise. Try Skillshare today at $0.99 for the first three months! The regular subscription price starts at $8 a month, which is still a bang for your buck when considering all of the benefits included on the platform.


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